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By Saber Jafarpour, Andrew D. Lewis

ISBN-10: 3319101390

ISBN-13: 9783319101392

This brief e-book presents a finished and unified therapy of time-varying vector fields below various regularity hypotheses, specifically finitely differentiable, Lipschitz, soft, holomorphic, and actual analytic. The presentation of this fabric within the actual analytic atmosphere is new, as is the way during which some of the hypotheses are unified utilizing useful research. certainly, an immense contribution of the e-book is the coherent improvement of in the neighborhood convex topologies for the gap of actual analytic sections of a vector package, and the improvement of this in a way that relates simply to classically identified topologies in, for instance, the finitely differentiable and delicate instances. The instruments utilized in this improvement might be of use to researchers within the sector of geometric sensible analysis.

Saber Jafarpour is a PhD candidate in Queen's University's division of arithmetic and statistics, Canada.

Andrew D. Lewis is a Professor of arithmetic at Queen's collage. His learn pursuits comprise keep watch over of mechanical platforms, geometric mechanics, and nonlinear regulate.

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