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This CBMS lecture sequence, held in Albany, manhattan in June 1994, aimed to introduce the viewers to the literature on advanced dynamics in greater measurement. a few of the lectures are up-to-date models of prior lectures given together with Nessim Sibony in Montreal 1993. The author's cause during this publication is to provide a selection of the Montreal lectures, basing complicated dynamics in larger size systematically on pluripotential conception.

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1997: 68) They emphasized that the establishment of common ways of working was essential to success since people had to come together from two very different companies. They also said that discipline was needed to ensure that integration teams used facts and data to support their recommendations. Bauman wrote: just as important, they needed to get the emotion out of decisions . . requiring team members to focus on gathering data . . would force them to be more analytical in developing their recommendations.

Rather than keeping my distance, I had tried to connect more with people. Rather than using formally defined rules to keep discipline, I became part of a process of negotiation in a community in which I was given permission to do certain things that we all thought were for our mutual good. I had to rely on the capabilities of the operators and their motivations for success, not the well-defined and controlled processes that I originally thought were key. Together we lived 22 • The paradox of control in organizations with the uncertainty of the processes by building cushions where we could to enable us to cope, if and when things went wrong.

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