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Surveys fourteenth-century global historical past within the jap hemisphere.

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Download PDF by Time-Life Books: The age of calamity : time frame AD 1300-1400

Surveys fourteenth-century international historical past within the jap hemisphere.

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The zealots among them hunted down the officials had most oppressed them and stuck their severed heads on poles. their ransacked the houses of the and landlords who some 0,000 angry peasants set up camp outside the London and demanded an audience with the king. Surrounded by a company listened to the stream of demands, then commanded of knights, the young Richard a party of clerks to begin writing out charters on the spot. Some peasants, believing their cause to be won, turned away and headed home; but their more cynical leader, the fiery Wat Tyler, disbelieved the king's promises and urged his followers to hold fast.

In marketwomen mobbed and menaced the taxgatherers. In the known as the Jacquerie, after the catchall battered countryside, a bloody rebellion nickname for a peasant, "Jacques Good-Man," or possibly after the short shirt, set the poor against their Jacques, that was the characteristic garment of their class the towns, artisans and — — masters. Inflamed with the stored-up wrath of generations, they raided castles and massacred their inhabitants, not sparing even babes in arms. 1358, an alliance of French nobles and neighboring princes abandoned their mutual rivalries to unite against this threat from below.

The meetings at Leulinghen went on for more than a decade without any agreement on these issues. In 1395, desperate for a solution, the negotiators reckoned that a long-term truce might, in effect, put a stop to the war, especially if it could be cemented by a diplomatic marriage. The alliance they had in mind would bind the two rival monarchies together: Richard II, now aged twenty-eight, would make an ideal husband for Isabel le, the daughter of Charles VI of France. The fact that the bride was no more than seven years old did not deter the matchmakers.

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