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By H. P. Bonzel, R. Denecke, W. Eck, A. Föhlisch, G. Held, W. Jaegermann, N. Martensson, T. Mayer, H. Over, H. P. Steinrück

ISBN-10: 3540202811

ISBN-13: 9783540202813

Surface technology is known as a comparatively younger clinical self-discipline, enthusiastic about the actual and chemical homes of phenomena on fresh and lined reliable surfaces, studied less than quite a few stipulations. The adsorption of atoms and molecules on strong surfaces is, for instance, this type of situation, attached with kind of drastic adjustments of all floor houses. An adsorption occasion is often saw in nature and located to be of technical significance in lots of business procedures. hence, floor technology is interdisciplinary through its very nature, and as such a tremendous middleman among basic and utilized research.

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G. NO) followed by removal of the oxygen by reduction, and then thermal desorption of the reducing agent [91T1, 92C1]. 4) Dissociation of NO by electron bombardment accompanied by electron stimulated oxygen desorption and following reduction of the residual oxygen by CO [93B3]. This method is not as “clean” as method 1. 5) Segregation of nitrogen (existing as impurity) from the bulk of the metal towards the surface. This effect was used with Cr(100) [97S4]. Other impurities in the bulk may segregate as well.

6 Local atomic oxygen-metal geometry Table 6. The O-metal bond length and other structural characteristics. 07 MR reconstruction analog to Cu(110)-c(6×2) every 2nd row missing subsurface induced reconstruction. 80 fcc assumed 3-fold coordinated. 1 ML chemisorbed O oxidic O (1×1)O low O cov. /Method 84P1/SEXAFS 93C2/ICISS 93S1/DFT 93D1/LEIS 98O3/STM 93B6/STM, RHEED, REM 74R1/LEED oxide phase starts to grow 4-fold “gold oxide” O hcp like sites O 4-fold hollow 00C1/STM&DFT 92K1, 95J1, 01K2/DFT 81B1/SEXAFS 81N2/SEXAFS 81S1, 82N2, 83M1/ LEED 92K1/SXW 93W1/MEIS 98M1/NDRS 93B2, 98T1/STM 80S3/SEXAFS 80S3/SEXAFS 81W1/SC-LAPW 86M1/cluster calc.

25 L O2 Ref. p. 55] Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/42A4 Substrate Fe(100) cont. 5 Pd(100) c(2×2) O(2pz) O(2s) O(2s) Pd(3d5/2) O(1s) Pd(3d5/2) O(1s) Pd(3d5/2) Pt(110) (1×2)MR+O2 (1×2)MS+O2 (2×2)O O(1s) O(1s) O(2p) Pd(111) >3 ML Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/42A4 Pt(111) more pronounced at grazing incidence O2− O1− Method XPS Ref. 76K1 XPS 95R2 PES 79R1, 79C2 XPS 01D1 O(2p) hybridized with Ni(s,p), strong dispersion IPE, KRIPES of up to 3 eV O(2p) derived state (hybrid of O(2p) and Nitheory 4s4p) UPS SCLS O-K emission SXES SCLS UPS O2− O1− Oxygen K-emission spectra: 2p-3d antibonding state partly occupied.

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Adsorbed Layers on surfaces by H. P. Bonzel, R. Denecke, W. Eck, A. Föhlisch, G. Held, W. Jaegermann, N. Martensson, T. Mayer, H. Over, H. P. Steinrück

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