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By Julian W. Connolly

ISBN-10: 1934843660

ISBN-13: 9781934843666

(Studies in Russian and Slavic literatures, cultures and historical past)

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Such operations posed problems for both fighting and logistics. Long-range operations were the principal military challenge for China in the eighteenth century: there was no comparable power on China's borders deploying similar forces and the Chinese made no attempt to conquer Japan. Having clashed in the 1680s, China and Russia avoided fresh hostilities, WAR WITHOUT EUROPEANS China under the Manchu dynasty original Manchu homeland Manchu expansion, before 1644 Manchu expansion, 1644-59 temporary annexation tributary states Ch'ing Empire at its greatest extent, c.

Chinese forces had less standardized equipment than their European counterparts, but this was not surprising given the 3° size and diversity of Chinese forces and the variety of environments in which they had to fight. They lacked comparable naval forces. WAR WITHOUT EUROPEANS In the Chinese novel Nu-hsien wai-shih by Lii Hsiung, published in 1711, the Moon Queen condemned the impact of cannon: At midnight, Moon Queen, together with Instructress Pao and Instructress Man, went and had a look at the situation of Pei-P'ing so she might point out a strategy.

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