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By Ahmad Abdelmoneim Youssef Masry Zidan

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Felony language differs from traditional language, not only in vocabulary, but additionally in its morphology, syntax, semantics and different linguistic gains. This booklet explores the diversities in such positive aspects, as well as investigating the outline, improvement, distinct good points, features, problems and difficulties of drafting felony English and Arabic texts inside of their respective criminal contexts. specific consciousness is given all through to the attribute positive aspects of criminal language that sometimes are typically neglected in educational research. As such, the ebook can be of curiosity to either legal professionals and linguists, and should aid foster a better figuring out of the positive factors of criminal language and the way inaccuracies might be shunned.

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An early study of legal language is the work of Mellinkoff (1963), who discuss the peculiarity of English legal language from the perspective of the lexicon. Mellinkoff present the following characteristics of the lexicon of legal language: 40 Chapter Three (1) Frequent use of common words with uncommon meanings (2) Frequent use of Old and Middle English words once in use but now rare (3) Frequent use of Latin words and phrases (4) use of Old French and Anglo-Norman words not in the general vocabulary (5) the use of terms of art; use of argot (6) frequent use of formal words (7) deliberate use of words and expressions with flexible meanings The use of common words with uncommon meaning indicates that the meaning of a certain word which legal experts share among themselves is a peculiar meaning of the word for lay people.

197) proclaim that legal documents were usually made as a solid block of script whose long lines are from margin to margin, and there were no patterns of spacing or indentation to indicate the limits of the paragraphs or the relation between them. It was common for draftsmen to compose an entire document in the form of one single sentence. Whether it is a whole statute, a decree, a court order, an international treaty or a sales contract, there is always a preamble which sets out the reason why the document should exist.

312), while acceptably emphasizing that legal speech acts cannot be translated literally, classifies them as directive, commissive and constitutive. She uses the word constitutive to denote sentences used to explain or define expressions and terms in the contract or to supply information concerning the application of the statute. She discusses the meaning of verb forms in legal speech acts in a translation perspective. Austin (1962) proposes a series of success conditions for a performative utterance to meet or else the speech act will fail, moreover, Nord (1997, p.

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