New PDF release: A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule

By Florian Cajori

ISBN-10: 1879335522

ISBN-13: 9781879335523

The slide rule, with its many adaptations, has been important to arithmetic and engineering on the grounds that its invention within the seventeenth century. curiosity during this box has grown dramatically and creditors can nonetheless locate a lot fabric at cheap costs. regrettably there was little info to be had aside from brands manuals and catalogs, making this reprint of Cajori's vintage relatively worthy. additionally incorporated with this reprint of the 1910 variation is Cajori's large article at the historical past of Gunter's Scale and the Slide Rule in the course of the seventeenth Century, released by means of the college of California in 1920, which units forth his next findings. there's additionally a necessary explanatory creation by means of Dr. Robert ok. Otnes, editor of the magazine of the Oughtred Society. 178 pages. Illustrated. 61/8" x 91/4". challenging hide.

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Instruction (Metz, Imp. et lith. Nouvian, Décembre, 1851). 3 Mannheim had the good fortune to have his rectilinear slide rule made by Tavernier-Gravet, a firm of national reputation, and also of having this rule adopted as the one to be used by the French artillery. But many years elapsed before it acquired a foothold in other countries. Not until 30 or 40 years after its invention did it come to be used in England and the United States. Perhaps the first appreciation of it, outside of France, came from the Italian, Q.

54, 1905, p. 486; E. Hammer, Der logarithmische Rechenschieber, 4te Auflage, Stuttgart, 1908, p. 10. ] 30. Bradford’s Sliding Rule. , p. ] 31. Porro’s Scale Logaritmiche Centesimali. [Cited by Favaro, op. , p. , par J. Porra, Turin, 1850, p. ] 32. Regolo Calcolatorio di Oesterle. [Cited by Favaro, op. , p. 508, from Ernest Sedlaczek, Neber Visir- und Recheninstrumente, Wien, 1856, pp. 3, 4, and from Ernest Sedlaczek, Anleitung z. Gebrauche einiger logarith. ] 33. Altmütter’s Rechenschieber. [Zeitschr.

Everett, Mannheim, E. Thacher. Thacher’s instrument (Fig. 9) almost attains the accuracy of a five-place table of logarithms and ranks among the most accurate slide rules in practical use. It is the most important single contribution to the design of slide rules made in America. Working on the plan of Oughtred, other designers adhered to the circular form, as, for instance, E. M. Boucher (Fig. 12), whose instrument resembles a watch, and Hermann or P. Weiss, all the circles being coplanar and fixed, the sliding parts being pointers or hands.

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