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By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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As for the highwaymen who proffered repentance, there was no repentance for them with me, because they began upon me with foul dealing and waylaid me by the road and despoiled me and seized my good and my sons, the two boys that I took of them, and those ye deemed Mamelukes are my very sons; so I avenged myself on the thieves of that which they did with me whilome and requited them with strict justice. [FN#174] Then Abú Sábir foregathered with his wife and said to her, "How deemest thou of the fruit of patience and its sweetness and the fruit of haste and its bitterness?

Of the Issues of Good and Evil Actions. When it was the fifth day, the fifth Wazir, whose name was Jahrbaur,[FN#182] came in to the king and prostrating himself before him. said, "O king, it behoveth thee, an thou see or hear one look on thy house,[FN#183] that thou pluck out his eyes. How then should it be with him whom thou sawest a-middlemost thy palace and on thy royal bed, and he suspected with thy Harim, and not of thy lineage or of thy kindred? So do thou away this shame by putting him to death.

And Kisra the King made him Wali in a certain province of his empire. "Know, therefore, O king" (continued the youth), "that whoso doeth good is requited with good, and he who is guiltless of sin and offence feareth not the issue of his affair. " The Sixth Day. Of Trust in Allah. When it was the sixth day, the wrath of the Wazirs redoubled, because they had not won their will of the youth and they feared for their lives from the liege lord; so three of them went in to him and prostrating themselves between his hands, said to him, "O king, indeed we are loyal counsellors to thy dignity and fondly solicitous for thy weal.

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1001 Arabian Nights - Supplemental Nights - Volume 11 by Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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